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YSC Summit

We’re taking over Las Vegas, and what happens at the YSC Summit stays at the YSC Summit

Las Vegas, NV
March 15-17, 2024

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Information You Can Trust in a Community You Treasure

At the YSC Summit, every presenter is handpicked for their expertise and dedication to the young breast cancer experience.

Summit workshops help you build personalized survivorship from the inside out. Surround yourself with young survivors, thrivers and co-survivors, all creating their unique life after a cancer diagnosis with help from thought leaders in the medical, research and wellness spaces.




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We all get it and I love that. We don’t have to step on eggshells, we don’t have to try and be careful. We all just get it and understand and are there for each other.”

Lauren J.

During my 6-year journey of cancer, I’d attempted to come [to the YSC Summit] twice and both times I’d gotten ill. This, for me, is the beginning of my new thrivership. And I think it is a great place to start.”

LaVonne C.

It’s been energizing, body-affirming and self-affirming between dancing and sessions. I feel like I’m starting to put myself back together again.

Kara B.

Workshop topics you care about

YSC Summit topics are sourced directly from the community. We don’t tell you what you need to know – we curate experts to share what you want to know. And all exclusively through a younger breast cancer lens.

You’ll choose from topics like:

  • Dealing with scanxiety, depression and anxiety
  • Sex & intimacy (hello, vaginal dryness tips)
  • Managing treatment side effects
  • Wellness, health and nutrition
  • Fertility & family planning

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Live & Learn in Luxury

Treat yourself to a getaway at the gorgeous Virgin Hotels Las Vegas and an event experience that prioritizes creature comforts and breathtaking beauty. We pack the weekend with learning opportunities, connection and playful activities, but you’ll still have time to take in the sights around Las Vegas and have a little fun.

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Meet new friends in casual conversation curated by your peers. We’ll have groups for those who are newly diagnosed, living with metastatic breast cancer, survivors and thrivers of color, LGBTQ+ and gender fluid, long-term survivors and more!

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The YSC Summit Exhibit Hall is packed with exhibitors showcasing their latest products curated for you. You’ll find special offers on everything from clean beauty to mastectomy bras to personal coaching.

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