Why Attend the
YSC Summit

Meet the People
Who Just Get It.

No one can understand where you’ve been like another young person diagnosed with breast cancer. At the YSC Summit, you’ll be surrounded by a vibrant community of young survivors, thrivers and co-survivors. You might be the youngest person in your oncologist’s office, but at the YSC Summit, so is everyone else.

Learn From Experts

Learn from experts who know your breast cancer experience is different.

Get ready for workshops created exclusively for the young breast cancer experience.

We don’t shy away from topics that make your doctors blush. We talk candidly about sex during and after treatment and how to re-establish desire. We dish on early menopause, relationship issues and the side effects no one wants to mention. (Hello, vaginal dryness 😉 )

Each workshop is curated to bring you the most current, evidence-based information to assist in decision-making about your health care. All provided by medical, wellness and mental health experts.

Who Goes to the YSC Summit?


  • Young adults diagnosed with breast cancer
  • Young adults living with metastatic breast cancer
  • Long-term breast cancer survivors, who were diagnosed young
  • Co-survivors* and friends
  • Healthcare providers
  • Patient advocates

* If you offer the crucial emotional, physical, financial or spiritual support that a young adult needs, you are a co-survivor.

It’s hard to put into words everything that happens at the YSC Summit. But we’ll try.

General Sessions

Deep dives feature a panel of experts sharing their knowledge of hot topics, such as living boldly after cancer and the latest medical updates. You can ask questions directly to our panelists, too. Appropriate for all cancer stages and types.

Breakouts & Workshops

Smaller, more intimate presentations on topics specific to different breast cancer experiences, such as early menopause, parenting, body image, sex, living with MBC, and many more!


Casual, peer-led conversations in spaces reserved for shared experiences and opportunities to connect. For example, join:

● First-Time Attendees
● Survivors & Thrivers of Color
● Newly Diagnosed
● Metastatic Thrivers
● Flatties
● Early Stage Survivors (1-5 years)
● Long-Term Survivors (5+ years)
● LGTBQ+ Attendees
● Spanish-Speaking Individuals
● Co-Survivors
● Triple Negative Breasties

Holistic Wellness

Movement breaks, yoga stretch sessions, dance offs, Never Have I Ever: Breast Cancer Edition. The weekend is packed with opportunities to get playful, laugh and have some fun.