Track for Co-Survivors

Who is a co-survivor?

Co-survivors, often called “caregivers,” are those individuals who provide close support to a young person during their breast cancer journey. They may be spouses, partners, significant others, parents, siblings or friends.

Co-survivors are an important part of the YSC Summit and community, just as they have been an important part of your everyday life. The co-survivor track offers many opportunities for these individuals to connect, feel supported and learn more about issues specific to the co-survivor population.

Each breakout session will feature a workshop designed to address their needs, including self-care, practical tips and opportunities to network with other co-survivors and find support.

Here is a sneak peek for what workshops are in store just for co-survivors:

  • Breakout 1 (May 22): Co-survivors: Is There a Job Description for This?
  • Breakout 2 (May 22): Co-survivors: Making Room for Grief
  • Breakout 3 (May 23): Co-survivors: Co-survivors: What is your communication style?

YSC always has resources just for you. If you would like to learn more about programs and services for co-survivors, visit our website.