Paying for Your Summit Trip

We know travel to the YSC Summit comes with added expenses.

Crowdfunding platforms help you to fundraise among the people you know and can help offset some of the costs of getting to the Summit.

Free Fundraising Platforms

GoFundMe – Sign up to create your own customizable fundraising webpage with text, picture or video. GoFundMe does not take a platform fee from your donations. Only regular credit card processing fees are applied – 2.9% plus $0.30 transaction fee for credit and debit card donations.

Fundly – Customize your fundraising page with text, video and photo galleries. Your webpage will have its own URL, and you can accept online credit card donations directly through your page. It is free to sign up, and Fundly will take a 4.9% fee from each donation that you receive, in addition to a credit card processing fee.

Facebook – Facebook is becoming a popular place to create fundraisers. You can create a fundraising campaign directly through Facebook for yourself or for another individual, and share that campaign on Facebook to accept donations. You will only be able to use this type of fundraiser inside Facebook itself (you won’t have a website page you can share outside of Facebook). Facebook takes a total of 6.9% plus $0.30 from each donation.

No matter how you decide to fundraise, the key is to share your personal story, inform donors as to what the YSC Summit is and why attending it will empower YOU to be your own best health advocate.

Want to know how to fundraise like a pro? Here are a few helpful YSC resources to get you started:

What Happened to Summit Fundraising?

YSC started Summit Fundraising in 2015 as a way to help attendees offset their travel costs and engage their friends and family in the process. What we found in the years since is that, while Summit Fundraising had a few dedicated participants, it wasn’t fully effective in helping as many thrivers as possible.

So, we decided to support you in a different way by offering tips on the many ways you can pay for your Summit travel. By using popular crowdfunding platforms, most of your funds raised can go toward travel, and you decide how to spend the money instead of submitting a reimbursement to us and waiting for a check. We are here to help. If you have any questions, please contact: