Summit Fundraising

Join us in Austin, TX at the 2019 YSC National Summit by signing up to be a Summit Fundraiser. Become a YSC Summit Fundraiser and earn conference travel reimbursement up to $1,000. You can fundraise for yourself, a friend or for the Summit itself.

Summit Fundraising allows attendees to expense personal reimbursements from attending the YSC Summit, including air travel, ground transportation, and hotel room.  Whether you are a young woman/adult living with breast cancer, a co-survivor, healthcare provider or friend of someone affected by breast cancer, the Summit provides a wealth of resources and support for you. Summit fundraising is open to any attendee of the YSC Summit.

Please note: YSC Summit Fundraising is separate from the travel grant program. Travel grant recipients may also participate in YSC Summit Fundraising, but $1,000 is the maximum combined amount that is eligible for reimbursement. Learn more about the travel grants program requirements and application.

Travel reimbursement is subject to the allowances for fundraising reimbursable expenses.

Become a Summit Fundraiser

Interested in Fundraising as a Team?

Summit Fundraisers can start a team of two or more to fundraise together! On a team you can raise funds that will be shared by all team members, as well as your own personal fundraising. Read how team fundraising and reimbursements work and how donations are distributed among the team.

Reimbursable Expenses include:

  • Hotel Accommodations: Maximum 3 nights in a shared or private hotel room* at the Renaissance Austin Hotel in Austin, TX.
  • Transportation Costs (plane, bus, train, car, ground transportation to/from the airport).
    If traveling by car, please note that we will only reimburse for mileage and hotel parking.
  • Summit Registration Fee

Items not covered:

  • Gas receipts, rental cars and tolls
  • Valet parking/private cars
  • Airline tickets purchased with frequent flyer/rewards miles and any related fees
  • Airline seat upgrades and trip insurance
  • Food and drinks not provided by the conference
  • Alcohol

Reimbursement Conditions:

  • Total amount of eligible expense reimbursement may not exceed $1,000 USD per Summit attendee.
  • If actual amount spent by attendee is less than the earned amount, YSC will reimburse only for actual eligible expenses incurred.
  • You must submit payment receipts for all expenses to be reimbursed.
  • Documentation of actual expenses must be submitted to YSC no later than April 10, 2019, to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • All receipts must be itemized.

*Note that travel grant guidelines allow for the reimbursement of 50% of the hotel room rate (a shared room) using travel grant funds. If you receive a travel grant AND you earn reimbursements through Summit Fundraising, you may reimburse the full room rate.

Don’t need travel reimbursements? You can fundraise to support another attendee to help them get to the Summit, or you can help to ensure the success of the YSC Summit by raising money for the conference itself. Learn more about the Summit Fundraising program and register.

Fundraising Resources

As a Summit Fundraiser, we will provide you with the tools and resources to ensure that your fundraising is successful.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve pulled together a few examples of successful fundraising from a few of our YSC Summit fundraisers to get your creative juices flowing.