Cindy Finch

Cindy Finch


Clinical Therapist and Cancer Survivor

Cindy Finch, LCSW is a clinical therapist, survivor of cancer while pregnant and official Ambassador of Fun. Audiences love her warm and humorous approach to tough topics like cancer, caregiving and planning for the end of one’s life while still young. Combined with her clinical expertise as a healthcare provider and her perspective as a patient, she is the perfect blend of both silly and solemn when it comes to navigating the tough stuff in life.

Cindy is a writer and mother of three who lives and works in CA helping her clients and community overcome life’s difficulties and find meaning through post traumatic growth and legacy work. Through her training at Mayo Clinic, Cindy brings a deep understanding of the psychology of disease together with the science of resilience to her patients and their families to help them find a life worth living, even if it is for a very short time.