Janet Tuohy

Janet Tuohy


Clinical Social Worker, Zen Hart Counseling & Consulting

Janet Tuohy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Board-approved Supervisor who has been in the mental health field for more than 30 years. Some of her specialties include helping others recover from and cope with trauma, depression, anxiety, spirituality, sexuality issues, relationship issues, and parenting.

Janet was an Army Reservist over 30 years ago, and her path has continued to intertwine with the military, which has given her a rich and diverse background as a therapist in many locations across the globe. As a civilian, she has worked with both the Navy and the Air Force as a Clinical Social Worker.

She has trained in different techniques such as EMDR, DBT, CBT, “Positive Parenting with a Plan,” Gottman training on marital counseling, and clinical hypnotherapy.

Janet has developed a method that she created called QDM (Questions Discover Meaning). This protocol teaches others how to find their own answers by assisting them to tap into their inner wisdom.

Janet feels honored that she has been able to assist her clients and their families with their cancer journeys. Cancer has been prolific in her family — breast cancer, lung cancer, bone cancer, colon cancer, and more. Some have gone on to live healthy lives, while others have not. One of the things that this impresses upon her is to let others know how she feels and to heal things as much as she can in the present.

Janet’s private practice is called Zen Hart Counseling & Consulting and is located in Georgetown, TX. She feels passionately that her higher purpose is to help promote world harmony. By healing ourselves, we ripple well-being to others.