Julia Berryman

Julia Berryman

Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

Julia is a Sex, Love and Relationships Coach trained at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality.

She supports her clients build a vibrant relationship with their sexuality, sensuality and full spectrum expression. She often blends breathwork, meditation, visualization and dance to help her clients forge a direct connection to the ecstatic wisdom of the body.

Julia’s approach is holistic in nature. She celebrates the complex interweaving of mind, emotions, body and spirit and welcomes the full range of human experience and expression.

Her work has been flavored by a rich well of past experiences, having worked in business, international education and the arts as well as pursuing her passions as an artist, dancer and spiritual seeker.

The foundation of Julia’s many interests began as a student at Scripps, a prestigious liberal arts women’s college. In the years since, she has taught in classrooms in the jungles of Malaysia, promoted cross-cultural understanding as a Fulbright fellow and Program Coordinator, managed Sales, Marketing & Product Development at a furniture design company, and trained women in the art of public speaking.

Ever the curious learner around questions of the spirit, in her personal studies Julia has explored Yoga, Reiki, Tantra, Inner Dance and various religious and spiritual traditions. In addition to the 600+ hour Sex, Love & Relationship Coaching Certification she received through the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, Julia also completed a 9-month Apprenticeship in Transformational Coaching.

Given this delicious smorgasbord of past pursuits, Julia knows a thing or two about being a multi-faceted, multi-passionate human who just wants to share their sparkle in the world.

Reclaiming her Inner Artist and healing her own sexuality has been an integral part of her journey. Because of this Julia now delights in leading people down these two most potent avenues of personal development… that of Creative & Sexual Empowerment.