Kayla Redig

Kayla Redig

Young Adult Cancer Experience Activist

Kayla Redig was a competitive athlete and elementary school teacher before she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 24 years-old. After experiencing the isolation and uniqueness of being a young adult cancer patient, she grew determined to change the experience for fellow patients and survivors.

“It felt really odd to me to walk into the transfusion center for chemo and see a room full of men my grandfather’s age and then go to a doctor’s appointment in a different room covered in balloon stickers and children’s handprints on the walls. Even finding other patients with a similar age and diagnosis across the country was a struggle. Where did I fit in? I often felt very alone but I knew there had to be other young adult patients out there that felt the same. I knew this wasn’t the way the cancer experience had to be for us.”

During her treatment, Kayla came up with creative ways to make her treatments bearable, and even fun. From these experiences, her passion for helping others do the same quickly developed. While navigating survivorship, Kayla captured the stories of other young adult patients to share the experience on a larger scale. She created VINCIBLE, a documentary about the young adult cancer experience, to raise awareness and create age appropriate resources for a demographic that otherwise slips through the cracks.

When not with friends and family, she enjoys public speaking, cooking for others, spending time outdoors, and doodling. You can learn about her cancer journey here: Love Conquers All.