Rhayne Thomas

Rhayne Thomas

Vocalist, Inspirational Humorist

Rhayne Thomas is a touring musician, actor, author, inspirational humorist and breast cancer survivor. Born and raised in The Bronx, Rhayne has been a volunteer spokesperson and fundraiser for cancer and breast cancer since 1976. She is known for live Blues performances but also has theatre, movies, commercials, voiceovers and walking the NYFW runway for breast cancer awareness with Project Cancerland and AnaOno Intimates under her belt.

Rhayne has lived many places in her long career but currently makes Las Vegas her home while she tours the globe hoping to always inspire and make a difference through laughter and prunes. Yes, prunes. Her all-time favorite fruit since childhood because “People judge it from the outside when all the beauty is on the inside. Like people. If we can move past physical judgments, the world would be so much happier!”

You can keep up with Rhayne on all social media as she welcomes the chance to bless others as they bless her.

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