Sarah Kelly

Sarah Kelly

Co-Founder, SaltyGirl Beauty

Sarah Kelly is the co-founder of SaltyGirl Beauty, an organic cosmetic and body care line dedicated to empowering women. She is a 3 year stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Survivor. After her cancer diagnosis Sarah and her sister Leah, an oncology nurse (& co-founder of SaltyGirl Beauty), started researching all the ingredients that are in the products we consume and wear. That along with the loss of her hair and the desire to find a lipstick that felt good on her dry lips and keep some sense of herself, inspired Leah and Sarah to found SaltyGirl Beauty.

When creating their beauty brand they also wanted to find a way to give back, so Sarah and Leah also founded a non-profit called Foundation4Love. A portion of all profits from SaltyGirl gives back to Foundation4Love, which gives experiences to adults going through a cancer diagnosis. Sarah and Leah’s mission is to help those disconnect from cancer and connect with love and life!

The SaltyGirls have partnered with Cynthia Besteman, founder of Violets are Blue Skincare and a breast cancer survivor, in the Green Beauty Experience Workshop, which they teach around the country.