Tarnie Fulloon

Tarnie Fulloon


Body Centered Medicine®️ Therapist, Facilitator

Tarnie Fulloon is the creator of Body Centered Medicine®️, a somatic healing practice that uncovers the messages held in the body, which have roots in what we think, how we feel and who we are. Tarnie’s expertise lies in exploring the inner landscape for answers to body pain, symptoms, anxieties, and “stuck” places one feels in life. She is a healer, mentor, facilitator, speaker (Tedx Presenter) and budding author. She is an Australian trained Sports Medicine Physiotherapist, who worked with athletes at the 2000 Australian Olympics. Tarnie enjoys partnering with those committed to their healing on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – and to empower them to be grounded in their body and lead from the inside out.

Tarnie is a Physiotherapy graduate from Sydney University (Australia) and holds her Masters in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, plus a Somatic Movement certification in Movement Expression.